Bones of the Dead Eleven is a D&D 4E campaign that uses the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. Sessions take place over MapTool at 6 PM Pacific on Mondays.

The game begins in Zoa, Tellene’s largest port and a centre of trade and commerce located at the southern end of Reanaaria Bay. The area is roughly Mediterranean in climate, and Reanaaria (and Reanaarians) are Mediterranean in flavor. Comparable real-world historical cities (in terms of dress, architecture, and technology) might be Ottoman Athens and Istanbul, circa 1400-1600 CE (with some of Hellenistic-era Greece thrown in for good measure).

The Player Characters:

  • Kon-dron: Mystic, manly man, swiller of ales.
  • Cal: Farmboy-turned-adventurer and storyteller.
  • ‘Lucky’: She’s really not.
  • Kevan: Caravan guard and mercenary turned innkeeper.
  • Cyrn: Pretty, elegant, and insufferably snooty… except the pretty got burned off.

shit to remember for combat:


VIRTUE POWER: If ally within burst 5 of user bloodies an enemy or reduces them to 0hp, grant them 1+(Con Mod, +3) thp free action

Resourceful Leader: Ally who uses AP to make attack gets +3 to damage rolls on hit or +3 thp on a miss

Bones of the Dead Eleven

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