4,400 Reanaarians and 1,000 each of halflings and gnomes.

At a Glance

The city appears dirty and impoverished. Trees grow right against the limestone walls, even extending their branches over homes inside. Four gates stand open at all times, except in dire emergencies.


Government in Xaarum is a monarchy reinforced by a council with liberal and expansive powers. Duke Emearer claims the entire Fautee Forest and the plains for 50 miles. The Council is a group of five barons of only slightly less wealth and power than the Duke. Together, they prevent Emearer from making major changes, while they also compete against each other. The end result is that no social or legal changes have occurred since the Charter of Zoa in Y.N.D. 524 (343 I.R.) created the council.


Fautee truffles, also known as flattops, are a preferred commodity at the market in Zoa. They store well, they sell for high prices, and they are welcome in ports across Tellene. Besides this unique commodity, Xaarum produces fine reeded musical instruments, fruits, and leather. They import workable metals from the Ka’Asas, a variety of creature comforts, and precious metals from the Vrykarrs.


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