35,600 humans with few humanoids. The people are mainly Dejy, with a little Reanaarian blood mixed in. A handful of Fhokki from up north and a few Reanaarians relocated from across the Bay also call Thygasha home. Few pure Reanaarians live here.

At a Glance

Six gates break the thick stone wall around the city, leading to numerous villages in the Arajyd Hills, the city-state of Dynaj, east into the Khydoban Desert and north to the Wild Lands. Roads from the gates lead inward to a large common area and a huge market in the center of the city. The Church of the Silver Mist oversees this activity from a magnificent domed structure.


Prince Shyja, a descendant of the original Dejy leader who founded the city, clearly shows his heritage. The prince often leads parades clad in desert garb and showing off his impressive riding skill. While not historically true (the Reanaarians brought the horses to Thygasha, not the Dejy), the folk of Thygasha love these shows and patriotism runs high during the parades.

The Prince has had bad luck with his appointees (they keep getting into scandals or being killed by the scoundrels they associate with), but his personal skill at finances is admirable. Thus far, it has helped the city through the last few years, when corrupt government officials threatened to scare away foreign merchants with their demands for bribes and their threats. Despite his knowledge and shrewd business acumen, his weakness for Shyta wine and fine horses sometimes clouds his judgement during deals. Anyone negotiating with the Prince would be wise to bring gifts of one or both.


Countless shepherds and farmers inhabit the surrounding lands under Prince Shyja’s control. They provide the city’s residents with food and wool. While exported textiles are fair, the precious Silver Sand is the city’s mainstay. Aside from an assortment of religions that consider the substance sacred, warlocks, philosophers, and the affluent purchase it. The Silver Sands sell throughout the Bay area and through Zoa to the rest of the world. Thygasha also has numerous taverns, inns, restaurants, guides, and other accouterments of a tourist site. These businesses thrive on the hundreds of pilgrims and others who visit the city each year.

Special Notes

The city is a mecca for both the Masters of Dread and the Dream Weavers. The Prophets also considers Thygasha a holy place. Thousands of pilgrims visit the city each year.


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