The Dregs

The Dregs is home to the city’s poorest citizens, most of its criminals, and a goodly number of secrets, renegades, and hidden monsters.

The buildings are older, often patched up with the fallen boards of abandoned buildings. Many of the homes are tenement buildings five or six stories tall, with each floor holding up to a dozen families. The owners of these buildings live in the Coins or the Citadel District, never even visiting their tenements in person.

The Dregs’ primary divisions are the territories of various crime lords, each taking up one or more blocks. The various gangs defend their own territory and attempt to expand, resulting in conflicts between the groups. While most of this conflict stays between the gangs, sometimes an innocent victim gets caught up in it.

At night the gates between the Artisan’s District and the Dregs are locked until morning. Anyone found trying to climb over the walls going either way is flogged and fined 10 gp. Because the attention of the guards is lax here and because the river is nearest to the best fences, smugglers often try to slip into the city here, under the cover of night.

The Low Market

Docking at the low docks is cheap, but ships in this area are rather likely to get robbed every day they are here unless they are guarded at all times.

The atmosphere in the Low Market is less upbeat than in the main market. The grounds contain fewer entertainers and more beggars and pickpockets. Small clots of laborers who were too late to find work stand around, hoping to earn a few coppers before admitting failure and returning home. Others, unable to find honest work because of a reputation for indolence or dishonesty, make themselves available for work as strong-arms or thugs; some might resort to mugging if the opportunity arises.

The Low Market takes its name from its location, not any lesser status than the other market in town. Big merchant deals take place in the Low Market. The largest are often foreign buyers making deals on behalf of their nations or city-state. Vendors buy wares in bulk for resale within the city or to the dependent markets on the peninsula and the Tribute Islands.

Well-off craftsmen come here to pick over the leftovers before individual pieces reach the main market. Ambitious journeymen might stock up on goods or supplies for a season or for a year if they have the gold for a major purchase. Warehouses line the roads adjacent to the Low Market, as do taverns, inns, and brothels. The merchant houses maintain offices near the Low Market, as well. Their exteriors show the age of the neighborhood to discourage intrusion by their neighbors; their interiors might be the same, or they might be as fancy as any Elder’s vacation home.

The Dregs

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