The Coins District

This part of town consists of large houses and small estates of the richest merchants, sea captains, and landowners of Zoa. Most of these people resent the growing number of dwarves, gnomes, and “outsiders” that have taken up reisdence in the Forges, to the west.

Much of the neighborhood rests on a hill 50 feet high, just behind the Circle of the Gods. This gives the rich merchants of Zoa a good view of the bay, and many ship owners have a tower affixed to their home from which they can watch for their ships to return.

While many of the craftsmen in the Market District are journeymen, the inhabitants of the Coins tend to be the masters and their apprentices. Homes here often feature a residence separate from the shop, with apprentices and slaves living in the shop. Homes tend to have individual yards, and many of them even feature fences to give the owners privacy. These luxuries are well beyond the means of most journeymen.

Although the city doesn’t have a separate elven division, many of the city’s elves and half-elves live here. With their long lifespan, they are able to excel in their craft and gain the title of master soon enough. While blocks tend to be racially homogenous, neighborhoods are not, and the races are mixed well.

Like the rest of the city, horses aren’t common, but ponies, mules and donkeys are. About half the owners have a wagon or cart that they use more for carrying goods than for personal transport. Other animals are rather few and include more exotic pets and fewer working animals. Residents of the Coins walk or ride to the Circle of the Gods for their worship.

Many guild houses are in the Coins also. The best shops, nearly all of the theatres and music halls, all of the city’s scholars and a number of its clergy live here.

The Circle of the Gods

See also: Temples of Zoa.

Temples of the various gods surround this large plaza on all sides. Most noticeable is the Hall of the Coin, standing to the south and connecting the Circle to the Market. The Sun Spire is large and impressive as well, while the House of Waves is interesting if for no other reason than it sits atop the waters of the harbor.

The center of the plaza is an immense reflecting pool some 40 feet across with seats all around, making it a comfortable place to sit and read on warm days. Artists often bring their easels to the square and one can find any number of paintings of the temples, the water itself, or various persons in the marketplace. The Zoan temples dedicated to The Home Foundation, the Assembly of Light, the Temple of the Stars, the Theatre of the Arts, and the Order of the Passionate One are all considered cathedrals of those faiths.

The Coins District

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