Centuries ago, the ancestors of the modern Reanaarians were mere hunters and gatherers, following the wild game migrations across the land. Soon, groups of gnolls and ogres began to prey on, and then assault, them. The Reanaarians fled, eventually finding themselves stuck between the now-impassable mountains and the harsh, rocky seacoast of Reanaaria Bay. Here, they lived in relative seclusion, save for their encounters with a small tribe of gnomes from the mountains to the north, who taught them the basics of tier farming and irrigation, and a mysterious seafaring race of elves, who gave the knowledge of shipbuilding, sailing and stellar navigation, before moving on.

The Reanaarians became great sailors and eventually colonized much of the bay area. Today, the colonies are small city-states, each governed by a single ruler or king. The land holds little strategic value, and peace usually dominates the area. (The northern regions are an exception in that they have some agricultural and strategic value and thus are subject to invasion.)

Trade is king in Reanaaria Bay, and racial and religious tolerance is quite high. Gnomes and halflings are quite common here, and dwarves come down from the mountains and trade gems and metals for lumber, clothing and food. Elves and half-elves are less common, and hobgoblins rare.

History of Reanaaria Bay

Topography of Reanaaria Bay

Notable Cities and Towns of Reanaaria Bay


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