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The Arsenal

The real glory of the Zoan shipyards is not the high-profile military vessels that dominate the Bay and protect the city from naval threats but the enormous shipping fleet that brings to Zoa and takes them elsewhere. Goods passing into or through Zoa clothe, feed, and amuse 5 million or more people around the Bay region and its immediate neighbors.

The fabulous Arsenal, the name given to the city’s massive shipyards, constructs nearly a hundred ships a year. After the famous Five-Storm Summer in 702, the Arsenal replaced the entire 12-caravel fleet of House Ihlsaan in two weeks. The bustle of activity remains behind the gates of the Sinking Bay most of the time, but the steady stream of new ships emerging from the Bay’s gates is a regular sight visible to many people in the city.

The Boneyard

This walled complex is the largest of several graveyards around the city. The green fields cover tightly-placed burial plots and narrow walkways. A few crypts dot the corners of the Boneyard, but most of the people buried here are common folk, with little coin to spare for ostentatious postmortem décor.

Most people who plan to be buried in the Boneyard have the Home Foundation conduct their final ceremonies. Burials take place just before dawn.

Stealing even a handful of dirt from the Boneyard is a capital offense. Zoans don’t tolerate any disturbance of their dead.

Other Notable Sites

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