Military of Zoa

Zoa’s military force of 400 infantry (mostly gnome crossbowmen and sturdy dwarven soldiers) ranges from the coast to the borders of Xaarum, defending the nearly continuous train of merchants that attracts desperate bandits.

Recently, an uprising in the “small town” – where gnomes and dwarves live and work – has caused the council to post a small garrison smack in the middle of the humanoid center of Zoa. Instead of quelling the unrest, the garrison has created a focus for their anger. The dissatisfaction of the dwarves and gnomes was due to an edict (put forth by Werlen) that placed pricing standards on weapons and armor; these standards worked to smother the high-quality, low-cost arms the superior humanoid smiths were producing. The humanoids rose in arms against the Smith’s Guild, which they felt was behind the new law.

A contingent of 100 cavalry supports the garrison. This division of the city-state’s formerly tightly-knit group of cavalry weakens the mounted raids against the small bands of humanoids (mostly bugbears and ogre families) that dot the peninsula. Therefore, the bands have been moving about more frequently and the outlying farmers say that a couple of the bands have joined together into larger, bolder groups.

The Zoan navy of two dozen ships keeps about three-quarters of its force at sea at any one time. An even dozen patrol the nearby waters, while three roam north all the way up to Shyff and another trio heads south and east into the Sea of the Dead. The newest of these ships is captained by Liamar Bloodsword, a fierce warrior and natural seaman. Liamar’s galleon is a new design. Its lines have been reworked, allowing for less sail (and thus less speed), but its forecastle holds a monstrous ballista that he calls “the erne’s beak.” The thing fires mansized bolts that can split a coracle in half or doom a galley to a new dock among the rays and flounders.

Military of Zoa

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