MapTool Log 05/30

Server started.

Saman has connected.



Lee has connected.

Golby has connected.

rsek:can you tell if you’re getting the new maps and stuff via the repository

rsek:because that’s what should be happening

rsek:but i may well have done it wrong :V

Golby:>second floor

Saman:I’m looking at the second floor so

rsek:oh ok

Golby:this is new-


Golby:ok I know

Golby:hold on.

Lee:Getting my foods

rsek:yeah one sec grabbing some tea rq

Saman:oh boy look at all those maps up there

Lucky has connected.


Golby:this room is mine

Golby:it has a bear rug

Lucky:wanna rock and roll all niiii wait what

Lucky:dude you skinned your best friend

Lucky:now you’re going to agg.. i cant do it

Golby:aggro myself

Lucky:note to self: actually do sprites this week

Lucky:instead of hurr durring around

Saman:yes, please



Golby:also fwiw these tiles are

Golby:slightly off scale


Lucky:only slightly though

Lucky:mostly its b/c ur fat

rsek:they’re only off scale if you take up the entire square

Saman:golby too wide for the hallways

rsek:the fuck are you

rsek:a gelatinous cube

Saman:actually a Large creature



Golby:I shrunk my goddamn




Saman:shrunk your unit


Golby:god damnit.


Saman:cal stands proudly and engorged

Lucky:oh well for now i’ll use this ancient one

Saman:he’s all the man we need around here

Lucky:i never really did get to use the character this one was for


Lucky:warblades baww

Saman:afk a bit while we get set up

Golby:noclip activated

Lucky:im broke as shit my room sucks

Golby:I’m gonna noclip through this way



Lucky:bear in my wall

Lucky:get out

Lucky:the bear ruse….

Lucky:was a distaction

Lucky:i HAVE the fire

Lucky:the true story of how the inn burned down.txt

Saman:I can’t wait to be a useless piece of shit and play all these songs

Golby:my face when the bear ruse was a distraction





Lucky:oh ahahahaha

Golby:sbahj dump

Golby:right here

Golby:right now

rsek:i go afk for rice noodles one minute and THIS happens

Lucky:ok i think

Lucky:i think we’re all here

Lucky:and ready


rsek:this elf is gonna be cyrn today

Golby:I’m giving your inn inhabitants

Golby:patrosn if you will



Lucky:im helping

rsek:ahahah christ

Golby:no fun allowed

Saman:what is erlan doing here

Saman:I should have played dave’s bro the swordmage


Lucky:this is all golby’s fault

rsek:ok so who is here right now and not afk

Lucky:kevan’s inn has the worst patrons

Saman:what is that guys even his problem?

Saman:is like he got broad side school fed up the bone bulge

Golby:I’m present

Saman:I’m here


Saman:where did you get this map that it’s got all this fancy LoS shit done for you

rsek:i did the fancy los shit myself

Lucky:its magic she aint gotta explain shit

rsek:in maptool


rsek:the map i found on the internet

Golby:my surge protector is going nuts so if I dc something gay happened

rsek:oh shit right

rsek:i need to figure out

rsek:how to log properly

rsek:this time

Lucky:file -> save message history

Lee:Youre welcome, btw

Lucky:oh shit

rsek:oh so just like

rsek:do that when we are done or whatever




Saman:and now I gotta go afk a few, start without me


Lucky:leave him in the fire

rsek:((Basically at this point, everyone has fucked off to their rooms one way or another. i’m guessing Kon got his ass drug there by kevan and the dishboy because he’s a ruinous drunk. anyways, if anyone wants to do some lines re: what they’re doing now, or just how totally wasted they are, whatever, now is the time))

Kon-dron is out like a fucking sack of bricks. Who’d have thought.

Lucky:(( golby is murdering all the patrons in his sleep ))


Kon-dron: ((yes.)

rsek:((alright. errybody, perception rolls. do them.))

Lucky picks at the patches on her cloak a bit as it hangs loosely draped off of a hook on the wall, slightly more sober and still incapable of sleep. Another day, another lack of leads, but at least the place was nice..

Lucky:(oh fuck dice)

rsek:((rolling dice in an rpg the fuck is this.))

Golby rolls: 1d20+5 Perception => 8 + 5 = 13

Lucky:(i already forgot how to roll here)

Golby:((/roll ))

rsek:(( it’s /roll xdy+z))

Lucky:(that would make sense wouldnt it)

Lucky rolls: 1d20+4 => 16 + 4 = 20

Golby:(no sense allowed)

Kevan: ((finding my character sheet))

Lee rolls: 1d20+3 Perception => 7 + 3 = 10

rsek:Lucky’s sleeplessness is either paying off or causing her mind to formulate odd auditory phantoms. It’s hard to say how long into the night that they start, but it’s still quite dark out. There’s an odd faint scratching noise that sounds like it’s coming from near the window, outside.

Lucky may be immune to sense, but curiosity has its own charms. She ever-so-carefully nudges her own window open, expert precision avoiding causing the damn thing to creak like Kon’dron’s bones after his night of drinking.

rsek:The window doesn’t give to a nudge. It seems to be at least partly jammed, but it might yield to a stronger push.

Kevan:(expert precision my ass. It's a nice shutter! It's not a shitty inn!  ))

Lucky silently curses the innkeeper’s lack of window oiling, then slinks across to the door – out of the room – and to the window in the hallway. Maybe that will work.

Lucky:(oil your fucking windows you ass)

Lucky:(how am i supposed to find people lighting it on fire when your windows don’t even open)

Lucky:(some fucking sabotage shit)

rsek:((give me another perception check))

Lucky rolls: 1d20+4 => 19 + 4 = 23

Lucky:(i see so much shit)

rsek:At first it seems like there’s a whole lot of anticlimactic nothing, but then… there’s something there alright. Hard to make out the features in the dark, but it looks like it has wings and is no bigger than a moderately sized dog (say, a beagle).

Lucky stares a bit with a look somewhere between ‘not this shit again’ and ‘I think the alcohol is making me crazy’, before retrieving her cloak and stalking off through the halls to find the innkeeper’s room.

Lucky:(dear innkeeper there are winged dog things scratching at your walls also i swear i’m not crazy)

Kon-dron flops over, snoring unnaturally loudly as Lucky passes.

Kevan:(( I poured your drink. I believe that you THINK there are winged dog things out there. ))

Lucky:(yeah laugh it off now THEN YOUR SHIT IS ON FIRE)


rsek:Doesn’t seem to be anything untoward as you make your way to Kevan’s room, at least. That’s good, right?

Golby:(the lack of token movement is ruining my immersion)

Lucky:She peers down the halls anyway, just to be safe.


rsek:Still nothing, except for Kon’s snoring, which you can sort of make out even down the hall from him and through a closed door.

rsek:It’s a pretty impressive feat.

Lucky:Impressive when you’re not hearing odd noises, maybe. Expert intuition guides her to the room she suspects to be the Innkeeper’s (the card on the door might have something to do with that, though), and then she promptly begins tapping away with her knuckles, attempting to formulate a story more credible than ‘winged dogs are eating your inn’. Or at least more open-ended.

Lucky:(i imagine 20 dex door knocking to be sort of like having lars ulrich use your door for drum practice)

Lucky:(shit getting all technical and what the fuck)

Kevan curses under his breath and puts his head under the pillow. That damned dwarf had kept him up ALL FUCKING NIGHT. Whatever it was, it could wait until the morning.

Kevan:(or whatever Kon-Dron is. I assumed he was a dwarf for some reason)

Lucky starts knocking with both hands. It’d be a bit of a charming beat, really, if it wasn’t so damn insistent.

Kevan mutters something both unintelligible and unimaginably obscene, and climbs out of bed. He reaches under the bed for the heavy weighted drunkthumper, and slapped it against his palm once before opening the door. “This had better be good.”

Golby:(he’s a human)

Lucky tugs her cloak tighter around her in alarm both feigned and real. “I heard some noises – no, not Kon’dron’s snoring, but—anyway, there’s someone skulking around right outside the inn, doing something to the walls. If I had to guess, they’re probably preparing a glasscutter or something to break in.” Well, it was mostly true. Sort of.

Lucky:Besides, who’d point out the inconsistencies when there are winged demon dogs instead?

Kevan: “You heard a glasscutter from your room? Over the snoring?”

Lucky: “I have good hearing.” She tugs the cloak a bit tighter and frowns.

Kevan: “Apparently so.”

Kevan: ”... you’re not going to shut up about this until I check it out, are you?”

Lucky: “It’s hard enough to sleep through the snoring. Also, it was right outside my window.”

Kevan: “Ok. Fine. One second. Lemme get dressed.” Kevan closes the door.

Lucky:She settles herself into the corner in waiting, bowing her head slightly and closing her eyes. Almost insulated from the snoring over here. Almost.

rsek:((picturing kevan’s token doing all of this makes it pretty surreal))


Kevan Kevan doubted that this would amount to anything, but it was better to be prepared. Just in case. He opens the door after about half a minute, dressed in old patched clothing with a battered and worn looking longsword hanging from his belt, and a small wooden shield in his left hand. “Ok. Let’s go take a look at this amazingly loud glasscutter.”

Lucky nods her head once in recognition, moving out of the corner as he returns.

Lucky:(i just noticed how many books are in kon’dron’s room on that shelf)

Lucky:(only the books about bears will be spared the fire)

Kevan: “Lead on, then?”

Lucky:Wordlessly, she slinks off downstairs, making a gesture to beckon the innkeeper to follow, and creeps slowly but surely towards the location that was the source of the noise. He looked decently armed, after all.. maybe he knew what it was.

rsek:The lower floor of the inn is predictably dark and empty. Once Lucky is outside, there seems to be nothing near her window in particular, but… perception checks, both of you.

Lee rolls: 1d20+3 Perception => 7 + 3 = 10

Kevan:(still sleepy, I guess)

Lucky rolls: 1d20+4 => 7 + 4 = 11

Lucky:(lack of sleep catching on apparently)

Saman:(ffffff what have I missed)

rsek:From around the corner behind you, you catch a faint sound, like wings beating.

Kevan:(is there a map for this area?)

rsek:(sure, it’d just be the outside of the first floor map. there’s various alleyways as well.)

Golby:((ok fuck me I have to go afk for like 15-30))

Lucky drops to a crouch, glancing towards the noise while reaching for her ankle and lower back.

Golby:((I’ll be back shortly))

Lucky:(ogod lagspike)

rsek:(did it change you guys to the first floor map?)

Kevan:(and do we both hear the sound)?


Lucky:(but i think i can move there)

Kevan:(I went there manually)

Lucky:(i need to figure out how to bring my token with me)

rsek:(yeah, you both hear it. it’s fairly obvious.)

rsek:(it’s around like… here. you should see a pointer)


Kevan:(I don’t see it)

Kevan:(there it is)

rsek:(only shows when i press spacebar, players can do it too)


Lucky:(that table appears to be a screaming cyclops)

rsek:Nothing else aside from that wing-sound, by the way. Save from some alley-cat yowling in the distance, that sort of thing – you know, city sounds.

Kevan:whispering “Around there?”

Lucky nods twice, stealthily drawing both daggers just to be on the safe side.

Kevan sighs, shakes his head, and quietly draws the longsword. Shield raised defensively, he advances towards the alley

Lucky creeps along behind, sticking close to the wall of the inn.

rsek:Give me perception rolls again.

Lucky rolls: 1d20+4 one of these will fail miserably => 14 + 4 = 18

Lucky:(but not this one)

Lee rolls: 1d20+3 => 2 + 3 = 5

Lucky:(ha HA)

rsek:Lucky catches a noise – sounds like something disturbing the trash at the other end of the alley.

Lucky holds up two fingers to Kevan – if he even notices – gesturing towards the close end and the far end.

Kevan nods and turns the corner, shield raised and sword readied.

rsek:It’s pretty dark, so there’s nothing really to be seen, but that rustling noise coming from the trash has become a bit louder.

Lucky:(the spy is in the refrigerator)

Kevan advances cautiously down the alley towards the sound

Lucky:(meanwhile, kon’dron snores)

Golby:((ok I’m finally back))

Lucky:(poor drunken druid missing all the fun)

rsek:Whatever it is in there keeps doing… whatever it’s doing.

Lucky:(ahaha perfect timing)

Golby:((has anything noisy happened))

Lucky:(it’s about to i bet)

Kevan:(What’s the trash like? Bins? Just a pile of shit?)

rsek:((yeah, bins. as you get closer it’s apparent that one has been knocked over and sort of spilled around a bit.))

rsek:((not huge ones or anything. about garbage can sized.))

Kevan edges forwards and kicks the nearest trash bin suddenly

rsek:It topples over, and out scurry a few dark somethings that furiously squeak in protest. Rats. Unusually big ones. They scatter and start to flee.

Kevan:(Are we talking just "That's a lot of big rats" or "jesus christ what the fuck is that" big?)

Lucky:( clearly )

Lucky:(they big as fuck, get a vacuum)

Saman:(A DAMN CHERLAMPETER attacks, +9 v reflex)

rsek:(like giant rat size. unusual, but they pop up from time to time in zoa. some members of the ratcatcher’s guild specialize in them.)

Kevan: “Have you ever heard rats before?”

Kevan sighs.

Lucky hisses something to the effect of ‘have you ever heard rats with wings?’ while glancing upwards and slinking around the far corner.

Saman:(have you ever heard rats…on weeeed?????)

rsek:Give me perception again.

rsek:((how high would you even have to be))

Lucky rolls: 1d20+4 ffffff => 12 + 4 = 16

Lee rolls: 1d20+3 => 3 + 3 = 6

Lee rolls: 1d20+3 => 19 + 3 = 22

Kevan:( ... )

Kevan:( goddamnit )


rsek:(more proof that this chick is nuts)

rsek:Lucky, you think you catch the noise that got you up in the first place again, maybe a flitting shadow as well. But as soon as you process it, it’s gone.

Lucky moves a bit more towards it, but that whole lack of sleep thing is taking its toll.

Lucky:(stupid perception score)

Golby:(where is the alleyway in relation to the inn, is it like right around the corner)

rsek:(yeah it’s an alley next to the inn. you can switch to the sheathed sword first floor map if you want to see)

rsek:(in fact, people who are still unaware of this may well have heard the trash bin being knocked over – up to you, that sort of thing makes noise but shit gets knocked over in alleyways all the time)

Lucky:(did i get lag spiked again)

Lucky:(ok maybe not)

rsek:(it’s possible that i did hehhh)

Golby stumbles out of his bed, grumbling groggily to himself as he lumbers toward the window, yawning. Damn city folk were lively for sure, but did they ever sleep? He practically forces the damn shutters open, yelling down. “HEY! SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!”

rsek:Kon-dron has a fair bit of difficulty getting the window open – something seems jammed. It takes some time but it eventually gives.

Golby:(and with that kon-dron managed to wake the rest of the building up somehow)

Golby:(and golby forgot to /impersonate)

Kon-dron:(character name mistypes: 1/500)

Kevan looks up at the window and sighs.

rsek:So you’re standing there in an alley with a trash bin that one of you just kicked over, and it’s the middle of the night. What do you do?

Lucky:(blame zelyon)

Kon-dron: “What!? I’m not jokin’, here – wait. You’re that guy…” He scratches his head, squinting down. “Hey, you’re the one what was up at the bar! What’re you doin’ out this late!? Don’t you cityfolk sleep? Ha!”

Kevan: “Ok. Fuck this. It’s too late for this shit. Unless you can find something really strange RIGHT NOW, I am going back to sleep.”

rsek:(it’s even funnier because this is pretty much lucky’s luck – only succeeding at checks that other people fail, and thus don’t believe :V )

Lucky makes a face, staring at where the thing was. Well.


Kevan looks up where Lucky is staring. “What are you looking at?”

Lucky: “It was right there, but it went off too fast..”

Kevan: “What went off too fast?”

Kon-dron squints harder. Well, not like they’re gonna quit makin’ a ruckus until they’re done.. ”..Well, I’m already up! You folk need any help down there!?” Kon-dron gives a thumbs up and a hearty smile.

Lucky: “The thing. Didn’t you hear the wingbeats? I didn’t get a good look at it, but..”

Kon-dron:(uhh the first floor is a big red x to me so I’m gonna try reconnecting)

Golby is disconnected.

Kevan: “Wing beats? What?”

Lucky: “I said I saw a flying thing..”

Kevan: “No… You said you heard a glass cutter.”

Lucky: “After that!”

Kevan: “I’m pretty sure you didn’t”

Lucky: “You still wouldn’t have believed me.”

Kevan: “I knew I made that drink too strong. Gah. I’m going back to bed.”

Kevan turns around and heads back towards the front door of the Inn

rsek:((yo gonna restart the server to see if that can get golby back in))

MapTool Log 05/30

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