History of Reanaaria Bay

Many years ago, the ancestors of the today’s human bay dwellers were a tribe of hunters who followed the migration of wild game. Eventually, groups of gnolls and ogres moved into the area and began to prey upon the peaceful Reanaarians. When the humanoids felt strong enough, they launched an all-out assault.

The Reanaarians fled the lowlands of what is now modern day Kalamar and traveled up the slopes of the P’Rorul Peaks. For weeks, the monsters pursued, feasting upon the fallen. They forced the harried Reanaarians into a pass through the mountains. Finally, the Reanaarese rear guard caused an avalanche to cut off the humanoid pursuit. The Reanaarian tribes found themselves stuck between the now-impassable mountains and the harsh, rocky seacoast of Reanaaria Bay.

The Reanaarians adapted to their new home by learning to fish the many small streams with nets. They also learned to build rafts and small watercraft to navigate the streams and shallow coastal waters. They supplemented their seafood diet with meat from the sheep and goats that inhabited the rocky hills of the eastern P’Roruls.

The Reanaarians lived in relative seclusion until they encountered a small tribe of gnomes living in the mountains to the north. The gnomes taught the Reanaarians the art of tier farming and helped them develop an irrigation system to grow crops along the mountainside. The gnomes designed many varieties of outlandish watercraft to help the Reanaarians navigate the deeper waters of the Bay. These contraptions typically sank on their maiden voyage.

Life continued uninterrupted until a group of elves who were sailing the world stopped at the curious little coastal city. The Reanaarians were amazed at what they saw—a massive, multi-sail vessel, manned by strange peoples. The elves, touched by these simple good-hearted folk, taught them the arts of shipbuilding, sailing and stellar navigation. The Reanaarians were already adept small craft sailors and learned quickly. After a short (by elven standards) 25-year visit, the elves left to continue on their worldly travels. They left behind a great deal of knowledge and many half-elves, too.

The Reanaarians became great sailors and eventually colonized much of the bay area. Their only setbacks were huge sea monsters that swallowed up smaller ships, and giant squids or armies of seahumanoids that assaulted the larger ships. The Reanaarians soon constructed massive war ships armed with ballistae and manned with marines. They reinforced the hulls of these battleships to absorb massive blows from below the surface. These ships were bulky and slow, but they could better handle the denizens of the sea and were soon the ships-of-choice of merchants. Extensive trading took place between the numerous colonies.

The waterborne trade soon encountered a new threat – pirates. These Reanaarese pirates had streamlined sailing vessels, which could catch and assault the large, lumbering trade ships that were built to stop attacks from below the surface, not above. The pirates populated many of the small offshore islands in the bay.

When the unsuspecting elves first returned to the bay area, they assumed the pirates were peaceful. This made it particularly easy for the pirates to board the elven vessels and take the crew completely by surprise. Because the elves had more wealth on board, they soon became favorite targets for the pirates. As the news of pirates spread, the elves rarely visited the area, and those that did were often able to play the role of the sheep and turn the tables on the unsuspecting pirates.

Today, the colonies are small city-states. Each city is governed by a single ruler or king. The kings were originally tribal leaders or successful merchants, the latter with dwarves coming down from the mountains and trading gems and metals for lumber, clothing and food. The land holds little strategic value, so peace usually dominates the area. The northern regions are an exception in that they have some agricultural and strategic value and thus are subject to invasion. Most of the violence takes the form of disputes between the various kings. The majority of cities ally with two or three of the neighboring towns and villages and band together in times of danger.

History of Reanaaria Bay

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