7,100 Reanaarians. The population is growing smaller rather than larger due to deaths and a lack of people moving to the city.

At a Glance

Giilia’s citizens are a somber and unhappy lot. They have mixed feelings toward strangers. On one hand, they fear that which they do not know. On the other, they fear that a reprieve from their situation will not come from within.


Giilia answers to the absolute rule of its ruler for the last 200 years, an elven vampire known only as Esmaran. Esmaran does not intend to concede power. The city’s next ruler will have to wrest power from her by force.


Esmaran discourages Giilia’s citizens from trading with outsiders. They are self-sufficient during most years, but winter can be harsh and citizens might have to resort to theft to keep from starving. The bandits in the Headlands make ranching a challenging task, so meat is hard to come by. Most Giilians eat cabbages, leeks, and the almonds that grown naturally north and west of the city.


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