8,400, a thorough mixture of humans, dwarves, gnomes, and half-elves, in that order. The people are Reanaarians, although some of the dwarves have come from as far away as Kalamar and the Young Kingdoms. A few of the dwarves are refugees from Irontop.

At a Glance

Castle Geana is one of the crafted marvels of Tellene. The massive stone castle is built of marble blocks that weigh up to thirty tons each. Furthermore, the striations in the stones match their neighbors, and the stones are magically or skillfully placed so closely together that it appears to have been carved from a single block. The entryway, itself a masterpiece unrivaled by men, is a testament to the skill of the stone giant artisans that made it. An arch 24 feet high, with intricate carvings of many natural animals and monsters–but no humans or humanoids–towers over visitors.

Other than the castle, most buildings are of light-colored or whitewashed wood. The people are friendly and welcome strangers, although they prefer that those who wish to trade do so at Loona, the dockside town of 2,200 through which all of Geanavue’s trade moves.


Lord Haar of the House of Geana rules the city, as he has done since Y.N.D. 716 (535 I.R.). Lord Haar’s son Mearo has been sent to Zoa as an ambassador to negotiate lower port taxes. When he returns, Haar intends to have his son study law with a private tutor for a year or two; then he intends to abdicate. Lord Haar is over 60 and is more than ready to retire as long as no major evil threatens his citystate. While the city is not large, dozens of villages look to Haar and Geanavue as role models, and Haar is not about to let his son assume the reins of power until he is ready.


The economy bustles to the tune of hammers, chisels, and sanding papers. Giants from the Counais, dwarves, and gnomes make items of basalt, marble, obsidian, jet, and small semi-precious stones such as malachite, beryl, and tourmaline. The locals raise sheep, goats and pigs for food and clothing; their surplus provides the giants with the same. Additionally, Geanavue is one of the few places on Tellene where prospective buyers may find clocks or devices operated by clockwork.


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