7,500. Almost half are Reanaarese and Dejy humans, an equal number (3600) are gnomes, and elves make up the remainder.

At a Glance

The city is obviously home to both gnomes and humans, and the architecture is unique in that most buildings have two entrances of different sizes, and chairs to different scales and two different levels of windows. Citizens ride small horses and ponies through the streets and open fields; the only crowded area is the busy marketplace.

The city is constantly windy and the breeze carries a heavy salt taste from the bay. Shortly after dawn, a light wind stirs up and stays in effect. In the afternoon and early evening, the wind is typically very brisk, dying down only well after dark. The rainy season brings storms almost daily.


Despite the human population, the city’s government has always remained a simple gnomish monarchy. Prince Jebim rules with the assistance of seven advisors appointed from among gnomish elders. His oldest son, Naaman, serves as his chief advisor. The two are very close and Jebim’s other four sons are expected to serve on the council upon Jebim’s assumption to the crown.


The farmers of the area bring barley, radishes, leafy vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, and walnuts to the market. The citizens trade in coin or in worked goods like carts, wagons, furniture, and wind-up toys of excellent make.


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