At a Glance

Aasaer is a pock on the face of the bay that sits on the northwest side of Kaotoon Island. Seedy taverns litter every corner, murder victims rot in the alleys, and prostitutes crowd the doorways. Despite its cosmetic flaws, gold flows freely in the streets, and nearly everyone can guess the value of a gem by eye.


The infamous pirate Aasaer, after whom this port is named, appointed his most faithful lieutenant to rule the city. “Most faithful”, however, does not guarantee “best,” and Thastt, the gentle Fhokki bard, died at the hands of an assassin within three months. The city now answers to ruffians in the guise of soldiers and their leader, a vicious cutthroat named Pacuam. His aggressiveness and blunt manner make him an effective, if unloved, leader. The city has undoubtedly prospered in the six years of his rule.


The city has no laws to protect consumers or citizens. At its core, it is a market for stolen and looted goods. Lots of small ports share this distinction, but Aasaer also has a core of dedicated hog ranches, hemp farms, and alfalfa crops. These sources provide food and reliable trade throughout the year. It is a rare year that all three products fail.


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