Kevan is rather prosperous innkeeper in Zoa. His inn, the Sheathed Sword, is an fairly upscale establishment in the market district of the city, known for clean rooms, good beer, and a relatively quiet environment. While the latter is somewhat unusual for the port city of Zoa, a large percentage of Kevan’s patronage comes from guardsmen and soldiers stationed in the local area. Such men dislike it when their drinking is interrupted by their work, and they tend to demonstrate their displeasure with their boots. And since guards hear a bit of everything and he owns of one of their favored drinking establishments, so does Kevan. More than a bit, actually. Kevan’s as well known for his information and knowledge of the events of the city as he is for the quality of his beer.

Kevan himself is a gregarious, well liked man. With a decade of caravan guarding and mercenary work behind him, he’s comfortable with his clientele, and he can often be found down in the common room swapping stories and lies with his patrons. As he tells the story, he retired from mercenary work after a childless uncle died and left him a good deal of money, and bought the inn with a combination of saved earnings from his years of mercenary work and his inheritance.

However, the truth of the matter is a darker story. Towards the end of his career as a mercenary, Kevan was guarding shipments of opium flowers from the mountains down to the harbor for sale and distribution. Growing weary of life on the road and of being paid a tiny value of the goods he was risking his life to protect, he talked half a dozen of his fellow guards into coming to an agreement with a rival cartel. They’d betray the caravan to their new employers and kill the others, and in return for this, they’d receive half the value of the stolen caravan to split amongst themselves.

The plan worked perfectly. Working as a group, the conspirators easily took the caravan and killed all the witneses. However, when the time came to divide their profits, Kevan had another surprise waiting for the group. Split amongst 7 people, their haul was enough for them to each live well for 5 or 10 years, before they’d have to find something to do. However, it would be enough for one person to buy an inn in a city somewhere and settle down for the rest of their lives. Kevan liked the sound of that idea much more. After the proceeds were split, he broke out the drugged wine, attacked them while they were all weakened, and left them for dead as he took his wagonload of drug money and rode off.

Description: Kevan stands at 6’6”, weighing in at just over 200lbs. His brown hair is just starting to go grey, and it’s pulled into a short tail at the back of his head. His skin is weathered and tanned from his years on the road, and he wears a short, well groomed beard.


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