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themesong: Keep It Goin’ Louder

Calaina DeGroot was the son of a farmer, who was the son of a farmer, so on going back as far as any of them could remember; He never met his mother, and never wanted for one (for the most part, though the news of being a half-elf proved surprising). He grew up fast and hard, learning his father’s trade easily enough, but acquiring a taste for just the sounds of it; rake dragging through soil, the rush of wind through the sugarcane field, the crash of the rain against the sealskin flap kept over the window on rainy days. He wished to create a song from it, someday. Someday, the world would be his song, for everyone to hear.

By the time he reached the age of 20, his father was much less than welcoming of such thoughts; adventuring was a dangerous line of thought, and he was loath to see the only good thing he ever made run off and get himself killed. Cal’s father warned him of such things, but his enthusiasm proved to be too much, and he eventually relented (after much begging and shouted arguments).

With his father’s blessing, Cal prepared to move towards his first stop, the port of Zoa. After a couple false starts in a few ports, Cal met the strangest man. He called himself Redman, and offered his help to Cal, who was still struggling with gold flow. He said, “Son, ye’got the lungs of an Angel but you gotta learn what de people want! Play for de crowd. And ye’know what de crowd is? De whole world, chile.”

Thanks to Red’s training in the intricacies of song (and a bit of useful ritual knowledge using such things), Cal’s made his way there slowly, hitching rides on merchant vessels and paying his way with gold earned in taverns and street corners.

Description: Cal is a 5’11 Svimohzian of average build, with long black dreadlocks tied back behind his head in a loose ponytail. He usually wears bright clothes and sandals, but if the time calls for it he’s got a spare outfit of hardy cloth and leather boots to go under his chain shirt.


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